It all started with Comfort! March 2014, the time when the product “Dyshek Comodita” was sealed, a successive mattress, the product of 25 years of work, and the production of mattresses by one of the largest companies in our market – Devolli Corporation. This product was just the first step, which for a very short time was followed by the project to expand a network of stores with home products COMODITA HOME. We, Comodita Home, were introduced in March 2015 initially with 8 stores in Kosovo, today we count 32 stores in all cities of Kosovo, 25 in Albania, and 24 in Macedonia.The network of our stores aims to bring to its customers a wide range of products, which will meet all household and personal needs and will be distinguished for their quality and functionality. We have also managed to stand out for the warm and welcoming facilities, which have been built especially to make the purchase as relaxing and “ceremonial” as possible.