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Optika 1

Optika 1 was founded in 2008 , from an Albanian doctor , PhD. in ophthalmology and his wife, a Finance and Marketing graduate.

As a leader in the field of optics in Albania our goal is to provide premium eye care, best eye medical expertise and to give to each customer the most pleasant and unique experience.

Following the same philosophy based on three main principals: high service standards, use of the latest technology and the qualitative eye care products, we became exclusive partner for ZEISS Vision Care in Albania and Kosovo. Together with Zeiss, we don’t sell optical glasses but a better vision. No matter of what vision problem customers have, we will suggest the right solutions for their needs.

Offering thousands of models from more than 50 well-known international brands, each customer has the opportunity to choose from a wide range of glasses that suits every style and budget. From the most popular brands to the most premium ones, everyone can find what really fits their needs.

We provide a modern welcoming environment where you feel at home from the moment you step inside.

Our products quality and authenticity

Optika 1 has already built its name in Albanian market as the first choice for the customers for authentic products and specialized medical care. We are focused on improving the client’s vision by providing the highest quality in all our products and also being dedicated to our clients. Optika 1 collaborates with the most well-known brands worldwide like Cartier, Chopard, Linda Farrow, Anna Karin Karlsson, Celine, Gucci,Fendi, Cazal, Max Mara, Tom Ford, Vogue, Porsche Design, Versace, Armani, Hugo Boss, Forartssake, Ray Ban, Vogue, D&G, GUESS, Prada etc.